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  • IRS Debt

    When you face the reality of having IRS debtit is never easy. ..,

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  • Medical Debt

    If you wonder sometimes if your medical bill debt is worse...

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  • Property Tax Debt

    Higher property taxes in many areas of the country create...

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  • Credit Card Debt

    Do you worry about your credit card payments? Regardless...

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  • Student Loan Debt

    Are you struggling with student loan debt? If you...

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About Us

Debtfinity™ is here to stand with you and work with your creditors to develop a debt relief plan you can live with. If you are worried about how to get out of any type of debt, Debtfinity™ can show you options to meet your financial needs today, including payment of student loans, credit card debt, IRS debt, medical debt, property tax debt and more. Call us today for a free initial consultation.

Through Debtfinity™, it is possible to find debt relief. We will work directly with your creditors, which means no more harassing and embarrassing phone calls. We will communicate with your creditors for you and negotiate on your behalf. In some cases, we are even able to reduce the debt and arrange a lump sum payment that quickly and easily addresses the entire outstanding balance with one payment.